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Pump Parts Refurbishing

pc pump rotor before

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Before Refurbishing

refurbished pc pump rotor

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After Refurbishing

WestCoast Rotor can refurbish progressive cavity (PC) pump rotors, drive shafts, and shaft quills. In most cases, we give a clear and concise written quotation prior to receiving the parts. From pre-process inspection to post-process inspection, we offer full-service refurbishing.

All refurbished PC pump parts go through a multi-step process to bring them back to original dimensions and specifications. Our typical refurbishing process includes:

  • Thorough inspection of part
  • Careful stripping of all original chrome
  • Repair/welding of gouges and undercut areas
  • Replacement of rotor drive heads, if necessary (at no additional cost)
  • Precision grind to pre-chrome specifications
  • Pre-chrome surface treatment using our special proprietary methods
  • In-house industrial hard chrome plating to proper dimension
  • Final contour polishing/grinding for uniform radius seal

WestCoast Rotor provides clear, concise, written quotations for all part refurbishing. All services are included in the quoted flat price—even if your parts do require additional processes, there will be no surprises in the final cost. We provide quick turnarounds, without compromising on quality, to get your PC pump up and running again as quickly as possible.

Request a quote today on complete PC pump refurbishing, or contact WestCoast Rotor for assistance.