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for Progressing Cavity Pumps
Since 1982.

Drive Shafts

WestCoast Rotor’s Progressive Cavity (PC) pump drive shafts are manufactured and machined to meet all OEM standards. These progressive cavity pump parts are available in a range of standard sizes and styles, and are manufactured from top quality, domestically-sourced steel and stainless steel materials with industrial hard chrome plating.

Though PC pump drive shafts are a difficult product to manufacture, WestCoast Rotor has the experience and the expertise to create these products with exceptional precision. Our drive shafts are machined, welded (select models), ground, hard chrome plated, and finished to meet the tight tolerances PC pumps require. And, like all our progressive cavity pump parts, our drive shafts are measured and tested to ensure ideal fit and function.

Our replacement drive shafts include industrial hard chrome plating at their packing load areas. We perform our chrome plating in-house, in full compliance with California’s environmental regulations. Chrome plating can be a challenging process, but WestCoast Rotor takes pride in doing it the right way to protect the environment.

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