Manufacturer of Quality Replacement Parts
for Progressing Cavity Pumps
Since 1982.

Food & Beverage

The food and beverage industry employs progressive cavity pumps in a broad spectrum of applications. WestCoast Rotor manufactures an extensive array of sanitary, food-grade aftermarket parts for progressive cavity (PC) pumps.

We provide a full line of quality PC pump replacement parts, as well as custom part fabrication for pumps of any origin. Whether you need an exact-match Moyno ® rotor or a reverse-engineered drive shaft for an off brand PC pump, WestCoast Rotor will deliver high quality, high performance parts that match your unique requirements.

All required parts are precision machined with industry-specific materials and high finishes that are required in the food and beverage industry.

WestCoast Rotor also offers pump part refurbishing services to repair your existing progressive cavity pump and make it perform like new.

Request a quote today on the aftermarket PC pump parts your food and beverage application requires, or contact us for assistance.